Moped Gas Mileage

Mopeds get better gas mileage.  You can thank Serge Seguin for this. It was his thesis on the benefits of fuel efficient mopeds, written in 1972, that influenced Congress to get over 30 states to create laws for moped classifications.

The environment is better off with more mopeds on the road. Consuming less gas and at a slower rate than cars, the simple moped engine is just more economical. As a matter of fact, back when the US was experiencing the 1970s gas shortage, mopeds became the preferred method of travel for many people.

Most 50cc mopeds can get at least 100 mpg and can travel up to 35 mph. The smaller the engine, the more fuel efficient. Thus as the engine size increases, the faster the vehicle can travel, while the fuel efficiency decreases. Scooters and motorcycles with 150cc engines can achieve speeds of 60 mph, but can only get about 80 mpg. Those with engines the size of 250cc can travel up to 80 mph, but only get 60 mpg. This is still better than most cars, but not as good as a 50cc moped.

If you're interested in an even more fuel efficient option than a moped, you can purchase an after-market engine for your bicycle. Motorized bicycles have been known to reach speeds of 35 mph and get as much as 150 mpg.

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