Moped Tune Up Guide

- Put a few drops of 10W-30 oil into the spark plug hole
- Clean your spark plug with a wire brush, adjust the gap; leave it off
- Turn the pedals a few times slowly by hand (with the clutch engaged where relevant) to disperse oil
- Check chain tension and adjust if necessary
- Squeeze the brake and adjust tension if needed
- Spray some WD-40 into the wheel bearings, and other moving parts
- Pedal the moped few times while on the kickstand
- Oil the chain, spray WD-40 on any seized links
- Adjust tire pressure
- Reinsert the spark plug
- Add a little oil/gas mixture to the gas tank, turn the gas on and check for leaks
- Fill your gas tank halfway, shake your moped, then drain the gas to remove sediment

- Fill your gas tank halfway again
- Start your engine with the choke on
- Leave it running with the choke on and see if it runs properly

- Test the lights, horn and brakes
- Once it warms up, run it for five minutes with the choke off
- If it coughs then drain the gas, clean the carburetor and the fuel line

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