How to Winterize Your Moped

If you plan to winterize your moped for two or more months, here is the recommended procedure:
1. There are different ways to prepare your gas for the winter, depending on whether your storage environment is damp or dry.
A. For warm and dry environments, it's recommended that you drain your gas.

- Disconnect your fuel line before the carburetor.
- Turn on your fuel valve.
- Remove your gas cap.
- Drain gas into a container.
- Turn on your moped and run it until the gas runs out.

B. For damp environments, follow the same procedure as above. However, while the motor is running, spray some WD-40 in your tank. It will mix with the gas and coat your gas tank without harming your moped.
C. Another option for damp environments is to leave the gas in the moped. Please follow local fire ordinances, as it has the same danger as storing containers of gas.
- Add one ounce of Sta-Bil into your tank, then top off your tank with a normal fuel/oil mixture.
2. Spray some WD-40 into spark plug hole.

3. Spray more WD-40 on any all metal and chrome parts of your moped.

4. Clean and oil your chain.

5. Properly inflate your tires.

6. Clean out your tire treads.

7. If you plan to cover your moped, it's important to ventilate so that moisture can escape.

8. After storage is complete, either clean or replace your spark plug and replace the
transmission fluid.

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